Effectively Marketing a Home with Realtogs Real Estate Photography


Realtogs professional photography example

We understand that real estate agents have a lot to consider when listing a home for clients.  Making sure the home is marketed effectively and thoroughly is the objective, but so many agents miss one crucial point: Professional photography.   As a real estate professional, you do not want to be caught cutting corners using mediocre pictures while your competition is using a professional photographer.  Investing in photography is not just about the house, but investing in your brand;  you are showing your current and future clients that you are giving them the best you can and that they can rely on you to effectively market their home.

One of the first impressions potential buyers see is the online pictures representing a home.   It's been proven that professional photography attracts more interest, increases online visibility, and it gets people wanting to see more.  In fact, nine out of ten home buyers use the internet to search for a new home, and over 50% of home buyers said the internet was the first place they looked prior to finding a buyer's agent.

First Impressions are Everything.

First impressions are everything.  It can be the difference of whether a potential buyer wants to look at a home, or move on to the next.  It can also be the difference whether a seller hires you, or someone else.  With Realtogs in your listing presentation, we are confident that you'll win the listing and impress your clients!

Brand Yourself

With today’s technology in social media, the internet is an essential tool for selling and buying homes.

What is the first thing homebuyers see when they look online for listings? The pictures!  Visibility is a huge asset for your brand and how you market yourself as an agent. Professional photos will pay dividends by capturing the interest of potential sellers.

The eye of a professional.

While any smartphone or decent camera can take photos of your client’s home, as real estate photographers, we at Realtogs have the experience to properly compose & capture the spatial relationships within a property.  We utilize composition and lighting to enhance the image, then use advanced post-processing techniques to bring them to life.  As professional real estate photographers, we use pro-grade cameras and lenses, flashes, and post processing techniques that will make the home buyers say “Wow! Is that my house? I'm not sure I want to move anymore!”    Reach out to us and ask us how we work! 585-310-3000 or info@realtogs.com.

Sell Faster. Sell For More!

Your time is valuable, we know that, and that's why we handle the photography and editing for you.  Listings that use professional real estate photos sell 32% faster than listings that don’t. At Realtogs, we provide you with same day turnaround on photos, allowing you to focus on getting the listing in and moving on to the next.

By capturing the attention of more buyers, you’ll create a higher demand and in turn, sell the houses for more money. Professional real estate photos on average, sell properties 39% closer to their listing price.