Realtogs House Prep Guide


Tips On Preparing Your Home for Photos

Here are a few tips from the Realtogs to consider when preparing your home for professional real estate photography.

Many homes that are being put on the market to sell have people currently living in them and have everyday items that may clutter the photos.  Make a game plan as to where you’re going to store things temporarily for the photography session.  Plan a few days in advance for this so it doesn’t become a struggle trying to hide appliances and items last minute.  Not only will this reduce the stress of having your home photographed, but also preps you for all of the showings you're going to have! 

Don't forget to check out our FAQ page as well, and contact us with any questions.  Please consider the preparation tips outlined below.

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General Interior Cleanup

Things to do prior to our arrival

Lights and Fans

  1. Replace any burnt out bulbs.
  2. Try to avoid mixing different types of bulbs in a room (i.e. LED, tungsten, fluorescent), as they all produce different light temperatures (color).
  3. Please turn on all lights prior to our arrival.  This includes lamps and under cabinet lighting. 
  4. Turn off all fans.


  1. Clean all surfaces including counter tops, floors, tables, and sinks.
  2. Put away any unwanted carpets or mats.
  3. Clear clutter of tables and counter tops.  This includes sponges, towels, and soaps. Simpler is better for photographs (but not bare).
  4. Use colorful fruits in white bowls to add color accents (remove the stickers on fruit).
  5. Place colorful flowers in clear or solid color vases.  Be sure the flowers are not overwhelming or too tall, as it may obstruct line of sight in the picture.
  6. Place pet food and water bowls in closet.  Remove pet beds.

Living Spaces

  1. Vacuum or mop floors. 
  2. Put away remotes and unwanted blankets and pillows.
  3. Fluff and arrange pillows and throws.
  4. Put away pet beds.
  5. Put away magazines and papers.  Books are generally ok.
  6. De-clutter fireplace mantles and hearths.
  7. Put away personal pictures.
  8. Put all toys away (unless a play room).
  9. Organize shelves.
  10. Open blinds or shades.
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    1. Clean off counter tops.  Remove toothbrushes, cups, dirty soap trays, and personal hygiene items.
    2. Remove contents from glass door showers.
    3. Ensure all towels are clean and matching.
    4. Remove bath mats.
    5. Straighten carpets.
    6. Clean mirrors.


    1. Make all beds.
    2. Ensure all beds have pillows.
    3. Try to use simple, plain bedding and accent with colored throws or pillows.  This will help open up the room and add color without being overwhelming.
    4. Put away clothes.
    5. Put away toys.
    6. Put away personal pictures.
    7. Clean off desks, dressers, and night stands.

    Exterior Cleanup

    Things to do prior to our arrival

    House Exterior

    1. Remove all vehicles from the driveway.
    2. Powerwash siding, walkways, and patios if needed.
    3. De-clutter porches.
    4. Ensure patio umbrellas are up, chair cushions on, and chairs are straight.
    5. Put toys away.
    6. Close garage doors.

    Yard, Lawn, and Pool

    1. Water lawn and plants the NIGHT before (especially in summer).
    2. Mow the lawn, edge the driveway, sidewalk, patio, and flower beds.
    3. Put away hoses and tools.
    4. Trim hedges and vegetation.
    5. Weed flower beds.
    6. Put toys away.
    7. Clean pool.
    8. Clean pool area.  Ensure chairs are straight and umbrellas are up.
    9. Put away pool cleaning tools and supplies.
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